Downstairs, inside the hull of the ship, an architectural design inspired by Richard Serra's steel sculptures. A place where a cultural relationship and visual programming between art collectives and contra.rt can be seen. Where impactful visual storytelling is central and an education centre where; exhibitions, lectures, videography, workshops, poetry and visual storytelling find a home.  ​

Therewith assembling the shared political struggles and artistic practice that is entangled with the climate crisis. Contra.rt space uses collective curatorial processes to bridge visual and performance arts and social activism. The art space works on paradigm shifts on relevant themes like: food/ climate/ consumption/excess /migration-based content. Therewith highlighting questions of solidarity, collective and regenerative governance and shared struggles concerning the climate crises.

We open with an art exhibition from Noor Images : called Ripples, Climate crisis, conflict, and social inequality through the great connector; water. This fits with the identity we want to establish as a single-issue expo space that focuses on climate-related issues and impactful visual storytelling.


“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” - Barack Obama, Former US President -

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