The first exposition to be shown downstairs is Ripples, from December 1st.


The Netherlands has a long-standing and deeply interwoven relationship with water. Its dykes, polders, boats, canals and reclaimed land are globally renowned, from international trade to urban infrastructure, the very culture of the Netherlands is based on and revolves around water. NOOR, an Amsterdam-based collective of international, visual creators, has been at the forefront of global, ethical, and reliable visual journalism and storytelling for over 15 years. This proposal offers an extensive, innovative exhibition, curated from the prestigious NOOR archive, and an accompanying programme of public events on the overarching thematic of water, used to explore the nuanced and complex subjects of human life, socio-political inequality, migration and the climate crisis.


Water makes life on Earth possible, it covers over 70% of our planet, and makes up more than 60% of the human body. All living creatures, human, plant and animal are entirely dependent on it for survival. Throughout our agriculture and industry we make use and even abuse of this essential element, and yet water is not an infinite resource. It is a resource that will become increasingly valuable in the decades to come, and so will play an ever more central role in our future.

Ripples casts out deeper, nuanced, trans-national connections between the world through the overarching theme of water, to explore global issues of climate crisis, human life and social inequality. 

This multidisciplinary exhibition is developed by Stefano Carini (creative director, NOOR), and Samira Damato (Head of Exhibitions, NOOR) around the various aspects of water. Ripples is an exhibition that explores complex issues through the subject of water. At its core, the exhibition aims to be both a celebration of this crucial and mysterious element, and an accessible and educational review of its many roles in the socio-political inequalities of the contemporary world.


This exhibition offers a unique curated collection from the immense archive offered by NOOR, which features over two decades of high-caliber visual work from the 12 core members of the agency, among whom are Kadir van Lohuizen, Tanya Habjouqa, Francesco Zizola and Sanne de Wilde. Ripples aims to create an accessible space in which the complex connections between the many functions and interpretations of this essential element in human life, its role in varying cultures, its impacts on our lives and livelihoods, and its fragility in the face of the climate crisis will be laid bare. In keeping with its core mission, the exhibition is devised to be as radically future-forward and sustainable as possible.


In keeping with our ethos, this exhibition consists of exclusively upcycled materials and archival content. Everything that can be seen throughout this exhibition is salvaged or reused. In this way we hope to make a small difference in the culture of exhibition making.